1. 24x7 Virtual Appointment set up which allows patients to make doctor’s appointments any time.
2. No lengthy telephone calls to set up an appointment
3. Patients can make appointments anytime whether the office is open or not
4. Our website and mobile app decreases phone calls to office from patients
5. Our service allows your staff to have extra time to complete other tasks in the office allowing your office run in a more efficient manner
6. Fully customizable appointment scheduling application software.
7. All available appointment schedules are available at the fingertips of the patient
8. Doctosee allows you to manage multiple offices from one account
9. Appointment confirmation notification will be sent to doctors and patients
10. Automatic appointment reminders will be sent to patients multiple times
11. Any canceled appointment can be re-posted immediately
12. Complete admin functionality for maintaining the backoffice
13. Patient can request refill online without needing an appointment
14. Opportunity to promote services to attract new patients
15. Customized marketing campaigns available including social media, email marketing etc.
16. This service is free to patients
17. Maintain all appointment records electronically and transparent.
18. Use Doctosee and become a step closer to ultimate compliance.
19. Use Doctosee and be more efficient
20. And much more...

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